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Deep List

Cutoff for G200M is: 27.2
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
25.08Brooke ZetooneyWhitefish (A)11 Western A Divisional
25.25Jadyn VanDykenManhattan Christian (C)12 Western C Divisional
25.33Brooke ReuterSavage (C)11 State C Championship
25.39Ave RobertsBillings Skyview (AA)12 State AA Championship
25.45Ally SempfColumbia Falls (A)11 Western A Divisional
25.55Madilyn TodorovichHelena (AA)10 Russ Plicher Top 10
25.58Claire HutchisonStevensville (A)12 Ravalli County Invitational
25.58Isabelle BerryLoyola Sacred Heart (B)11 Russ Plicher Top 10
25.73Taylee ChirrickRoberts (C)11 State C Championship
25.80Cambry ConradsenSavage (C)10 State C Championship
25.87Rachael WilmotWhitefish (A)10 Western A Divisional
25.91Alivia RinehartFlathead (AA)10 State AA Championship
25.99Olivia CollinsGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
26.00Kelcey CoppingFlathead (AA)12 State AA Championship
26.03Kaydance ReiterHavre (A)10 State A Championship
26.07Hailey EllsWhitefish (A)11 Russ Plicher Top 10
26.07Hazel BishopHelena (AA)State AA Championship
26.13Kaitlyn DanticLaurel (A)10 State A Championship
26.17Anneliese BessetteMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 Sentinel Triangular 5/2
26.20Emma KirkhartGreat Falls (AA)12 State AA Championship
26.22Josie BrownSaco (C)11 3C Districts
26.26Ashlyn GrahamGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)12 State AA Championship
26.29Cori CoombeJoliet (B)10 Midland Roundtable Top 10
26.35Sofia SzollosiMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 State AA Championship
26.37Abby ThompsonBillings Senior (AA)11 State AA Championship
26.41Brooklyn LudemannMissoula Big Sky (AA)11 State AA Championship
26.47Halle HaberBillings West (AA)11 Bozeman-West Dual
26.50Taylor EvansConrad (B)11 State B Championship
26.50Macy BrandonHavre (A)Eastern A Divisional
26.50Angel-lalelei MartinBillings Skyview (AA)11 Midland Roundtable Top 10
26.57Reghan SkogenHelena (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
26.59Blythe ArmstrongFergus/Lewistown (A)Eastern A Divisional
26.60Tandy PlanichekAbsorakee (C)12 State C Championship
26.62Nadia BrunoHamilton (A)10 Western A Divisional
26.62Malea EganColstrip (B)12 3B Districts
26.63Ela BloyderBillings West (AA)12 Billings Public City Meet
26.65Jenna EllisHamilton (A)Ravalli County Invitational
26.70Alyse AbyLaurel (A)12 Eastern A Divisional
26.73Grace EknessShepherd (B)12 State B Championship
26.74Clare RonayneJefferson/Boulder (B)11 State B Championship
26.77Bristol LenzFlathead (AA)Sentinel Triangular 5/2
26.80Farah WycheCorvallis (A)10 Ravalli County Invitational
26.83Mia HandranScobey (C)11 State C Championship
26.87Alexis DaigleFrenchtown (A)Western A Divisional
26.88Hailey BurgerHelena Capital (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
26.89Saraya AfrankBaker (B)11 3B Districts
26.95Isabella PereiraSuperior (C)12 Western C Divisional
26.98Kara ReedDenton-Geyser-Stanford (C)12 Northern C Divisional
26.98Natalia AntonucciGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)11 Bozeman-West Dual
27.00Gina PageGlasgow (B)Northern B Divisional
27.01Layla BaumannBillings West (AA)12 Billings Public City Meet
27.07Jane HarrisonDawson Co./Glendive (A)11 Sidney Invitational
27.07Tia BakerColumbia Falls (A)Western A Divisional
27.08Noah FincherGlacier (AA)11 Glacier-Sentinel Dual
27.12Shaylee SouleHelena Capital (AA)10 Western AA Divisional
27.13Isabella DonagheyGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)West-Gallatin Dual
27.16Emery PeelBillings Senior (AA)Eastern AA Divisional
27.17Scotland JonesBozeman (AA)Eastern AA Divisional
27.19Havyn VandenacreBroadwater/Townsend (B)11 5B Districts
27.20Maxine HoaglandWhitehall (B)12 5B Districts