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Deep List

Cutoff for G1600M is: 5:38
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
5:06.10Claire RutherfordGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)10 Skor DeKam Invite
5:07.96Karis Brightwings-PeaseHardin (A)Midland Roundtable Top 10
5:08.38Kaitlyn SkinnerMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 State AA Championship
5:12.47Jamison MolloyMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 State AA Championship
5:14.47Rose WiltseMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
5:15.36Shelbi LaBrieWhitewater (C)10 State C Championship
5:15.79Natalie WoodSweet Grass Co./Big Timber (B)12 State B Championship
5:16.40Mariah AragonHardin (A)11 State A Championship
5:16.76Maeve IngelfingerWhitefish (A)11 State A Championship
5:17.42Grace StewartBelgrade (AA)11 State AA Championship
5:17.51Siri EricksonColumbia Falls (A)12 Nelson-Thomas ABC Meet
5:17.66Lucia McCormickBozeman (AA)12 Belgrade Tri
5:18.13Sophia MillerMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 State AA Championship
5:18.79Stella DiazMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 State AA Championship
5:19.73Laurie DavidsonCorvallis (A)11 State A Championship
5:20.00Malia BradfordMissoula Sentinel (AA)12 State AA Championship
5:20.53Hadley BrownBozeman (AA)10 State AA Championship
5:20.65Bailey WrideFlathead (AA)12 State AA Championship
5:21.31Annie KaulPlentywood (C)12 State C Championship
5:21.40Amara AuchCorvallis (A)12 State A Championship
5:22.82Kelsey PlymaleColumbus (B)12 State B Championship
5:22.88Serena SprolesBozeman (AA)11 Midland Roundtable Top 10
5:23.22Zoey Real BirdHardin (A)State A Championship
5:23.28Hailey PowellBeaverhead Co./Dillon (A)11 State A Championship
5:24.11Lily AdairDarby (C)State C Championship
5:24.36Carly CookLaurel (A)12 Park High Class A Meet
5:25.41Samantha FenleyHarlowton-Ryegate-Judith Gap (C)12 State C Championship
5:25.56Violet JessopCorvallis (A)10 State A Championship
5:26.10Emily SeeGlasgow (B)11 State B Championship
5:27.15Tanae BakerGlasgow (B)10 Mustang Invitational
5:28.13Mya GreenScobey (C)10 Whitefish ARM Invitational
5:28.52Ellie BaxterThompson Falls (B)12 State B Championship
5:28.96Olivia HeinerRonan (A)12 State A Championship
5:29.23Ellyse MoccasinHardin (A)12 Glendive Elks Invitational
5:29.53Isabella DetermanGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)10 Bozeman Triangular
5:30.01Shayla BrittainBillings Central (A)Eastern A Divisional
5:30.66Alyssa VollertsenGlacier (AA)10 Columbia Falls-Glacier Dual
5:30.72Nomi FriedmanBozeman (AA)11 Bozeman Triangular
5:31.06Renae ParkerJefferson/Boulder (B)12 John Tomich Invitational
5:31.52Lilli Rumsey EashFlathead (AA)11 Russ Plicher Top 10
5:32.76Anna TretterGlacier (AA)10 Columbia Falls-Glacier Dual
5:33.14Clare CastleberryMissoula Hellgate (AA)12 Greg Rice City Meet
5:33.40Greta TookeCuster Co./Miles City (A)10 Eastern A Divisionals
5:34.18Anna TerryChinook (C)12 Northern C Divisional Meet
5:34.91Astrid McGuireLone Peak (C)11 State C Championship
5:34.94Tori HedgesGreat Falls CMR (AA)10 Eastern AA Divisional
5:35.02Alexis BrauerBillings Skyview (AA)12 Skyview-Belgrade Dual
5:35.15Ashtyn WagnerPolson (A)12 Western A Divisional
5:35.58Nikki NauSunburst (C)11 Northern C Divisional
5:35.96Cadence HattenHelena Capital (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
5:36.29Ryleigh KleinkeSidney (A)10 State A Championship
5:36.48Courtney HoernerColumbia Falls (A)12 State A Championship
5:37.00Katie CombsBillings West (AA)12 Billings Central Invite
5:37.04Sarah WheelerBozeman (AA)12 Bozeman-West Dual
5:37.11Emma ComptonHelena Capital (AA)12 Helena Crosstown Meet