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Deep List

Cutoff for B300MH is: 42.0
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
38.47Nash ColeyGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)11 State AA Championship
38.59Merek MihelishHelena Capital (AA)10 Skor DeKam Invite
38.86Ethan AndersonGlacier (AA)10 State AA Championship
39.06Matthew MoreniHelena Capital (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
39.59Colter PetreHelena (AA)12 Helena Crosstown Meet
39.71Treyton GrahamBeaverhead Co./Dillon (A)12 Western A Divisional
39.98Johnslee PierreLustre Christian (C)State C Championship
40.02Adam SchraderColumbia Falls (A)12 Russ Plicher Top 10
40.02Archie LaFurgeGreat Falls CMR (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
40.03Dylan RootJefferson/Boulder (B)12 Russ Plicher Top 10
40.07William MartinDarby (C)12 State C Championship
40.21Dawson SweatBroadwater/Townsend (B)12 Russ Plicher Top 10
40.52JD ShepardBelt (C)11 State C Championship
40.54Aiden ReadCorvallis (A)12 Western A Divisional
40.57Brody HardyFrenchtown (A)10 Western A Divisional
40.72Fogaa FatupaitoBillings Skyview (AA)12 West-Skyview Dual
40.74Mitchell FogelsongBillings West (AA)12 Billings Public City Meet
40.79Rance HamiltonManhattan Christian (C)10 Western C Divisional
40.82Oliver SimianerMissoula Big Sky (AA)11 Greg Rice City Meet
40.86Bergen MysseBelt (C)11 State C Championship
40.88Gage NorslienFergus/Lewistown (A)12 Eastern A Divisional
40.92Evan BarnesGlacier (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
40.95Gavin MowHelena Capital (AA)10 Skor DeKam Invite
40.96Caleb StosichSweet Grass Co./Big Timber (B)10 State B Championship
40.97Carson KrackWhitefish (A)11 State A Championship
41.06Tyce CasterlineLockwood (A)11 Midland Roundtable Top 10
41.24Wyatt JohnsonBigfork (B)11 Western B Divisional
41.43Wesley TschacherLaurel (A)12 State A Championship
41.47Spencer CruseHamilton (A)12 State A Championship
41.54Kade NewmanBroadwater/Townsend (B)11 State B Championship
41.56Stockton ZimdarsPark City (C)12 Harlo/Park City Invite
41.60Chase BurrowsLaurel (A)12 State A Championship
41.62Colter FlemingSweet Grass Co./Big Timber (B)12 State B Championship
41.88Troy KendallBelgrade (AA)12 Last Chance Qualifier
41.89Benji CarlsonBillings Senior (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
41.95Caleb LitzingerGreat Falls (AA)10 Eastern AA Divisional