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Deep List

Cutoff for G3200M is: 12:25
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
11:23.92Bea FrissellPolson (A)11 State A
11:28.94Morgan VoslerCuster County/Miles City (A)12 Jockstop Twilight Invitational
11:36.81Grace TimmLaurel (A)Jockstop Twilight Invitational
11:41.99Brynnli PoulsenHamilton (A)Western A Divisional
11:42.48Lyric DevriesHamilton (A)12 Western A Divisional
11:44.69Libby NedensHardin (A)Eastern A Divisional
11:57.91Ella GreenbergWhitefish (A)11 Western A Divisional
11:59.89Lilli DayCorvallis (A)10 Western A Divisional
12:03.53Sarah PasseyHamilton (A)10 Western A Divisional
12:10.63Molly SitterPolson (A)11 Sapphire Twilight Invitational
12:12.07Naima CrowlPolson (A)12 Western A Divisional
12:16.15Hannah MartinCorvallis (A)10 State A
12:21.55Sydney Little LightHardin (A)12 Eastern A Divisional
12:25.00Jessica HensonWhitefish (A)10 Western A Divisional