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Deep List

Cutoff for G3200M is: 12:25
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
10:18.99Camila NoeSea Level Times ()12 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
10:21.76Camila NoeBozeman (AA)12 BWH/BSR/Bozeman Triangular
10:37.85Annie HillGlacier (AA)12 Columbia Falls-Glacier Dual
10:43.77Ella DegrandpreMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 Greg Rice City Meet
10:46.41Bryn MorleyBigfork (B)12 State B
10:58.74Alex MooreSea Level Times ()10 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
11:05.58Ellee BeckerSea Level Times ()12 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
11:08.16Phoebe JacquesSea Level Times ()12 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
11:08.64Tiahna VladicBillings Senior (AA)11 Billings Invitational
11:18.99Terra TromSea Level Times ()10 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
11:23.92Bea FrissellPolson (A)11 State A
11:24.68Ellee BeckerMissoula Hellgate (AA)12 State AA
11:25.46Phoebe JacquesBozeman (AA)12 Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:28.94Morgan VoslerCuster County/Miles City (A)12 Jockstop Twilight Invitational
11:29.17Alex MooreBozeman (AA)10  Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11:29.60Katie MunroMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 Western AA Divisional
11:29.96Lucy WagnerBozeman (AA)12 Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:31.15Natalie McCormickBozeman (AA)Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:35.93Hannah Rohrer-FitzhughHelena Capital (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
11:36.81Grace TimmLaurel (A)Jockstop Twilight Invitational
11:39.97Emma NelsonMissoula Sentinel (AA)Western AA Divisional
11:41.54Elena VanderslootBillings Senior (AA)10 Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:41.81Ellie HullBozeman (AA)Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:41.99Brynnli PoulsenHamilton (A)Western A Divisional
11:42.42Makenna EdwardsMissoula Big Sky (AA)11 Hellgate-Sentinel-Big Sky-Butte Quad
11:42.48Lyric DevriesHamilton (A)12 Western A Divisional
11:44.69Libby NedensHardin (A)Eastern A Divisional
11:45.03Anya YoungBigfork (B)11 Archie Roe Invite
11:45.23Hannah PerrinFlathead (AA)Western AA Divisional
11:47.04Alana TonidandelHelena Capital (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
11:48.25Hannah MadsenManhattan (B)12 Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:48.45Emberlyn GaschkBillings Skyview (AA)Midland Roundtable Top 10
11:49.30Terra TromBozeman (AA)10 Skor Dekam Invitational
11:50.84Wren CilimburgMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 Archie Roe Invite
11:52.15Zoe EberspecherBozeman (AA)12 Bozeman Trinagular
11:54.39Madeline SwanbergMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 Western Top 10 Meet
11:57.91Ella GreenbergWhitefish (A)11 Western A Divisional
11:58.17Kelsey MuellerMissoula Sentinel (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
11:59.89Lilli DayCorvallis (A)10 Western A Divisional
12:01.72Averi ParkerWest Yellowstone (C)10 State C
12:02.23Jaylyn HallgrimsonBillings Senior (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
12:03.53Sarah PasseyHamilton (A)10 Western A Divisional
12:07.58Meghan RobinsonHelena Capital (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
12:09.00Katelyn McKayHelena (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
12:10.45Kendall QuindryMissoula Sentinel (AA)Greg Rice City Meet
12:10.53Abby KendrickMissoula Hellgate (AA)Greg Rice City Meet
12:10.63Molly SitterPolson (A)11 Sapphire Twilight Invitational
12:12.07Naima CrowlPolson (A)12 Western A Divisional
12:13.01Hannah BoydManhattan (B)12 Helena/CMR/Belgrade/Manhattan
12:13.26Nina Bracht-BedellHelena Capital (AA)Western AA Divisional
12:14.38Sabrina BryantMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 MCPS Invite
12:14.54Alana TonidandelHelena Capital (AA)12 Helena Crosstown
12:16.15Hannah MartinCorvallis (A)10 State A
12:17.21Kyle OlsonThree Forks (B)11 Southern B Divisional
12:19.09Lena Stands Over BullPlenty Coups (C)Southern C Divisional
12:21.55Sydney Little LightHardin (A)12 Eastern A Divisional
12:21.98Sadie WilsonFlathead (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
12:22.39Kendall BarrieBillings West (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
12:22.44Laina HallBozeman (AA)12 Skor Dekam Inv
12:22.50Kinzie PetersonGlacier (AA)10 Archie Roe Invite
12:23.19Lena StandoverbullPlenty Coups (C)6C Districts
12:23.91L'Tia LawrenceHarlem (B)10 North/East Top 10
12:24.98Alyssa PlantHelena (AA)10 Western AA Divisional
12:25.00Jessica HensonWhitefish (A)10 Western A Divisional
12:26.62Gracie LangDarby (C)10 State C