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Deep List

Cutoff for G200M is: 27.2
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
25.88Kellan WahlBillings Central (A)10 State A
25.98Lauren SchulzWhitefish (A)12 State A
26.00Tylia DeJohnBeaverhead County/Dillon (A)11 MCPS Invitational
26.28Kinsley BarneyRonan (A)11 Nelson-Thomas ABC Meet
26.65Dalani BraytonBelgrade (A)10 State A
26.71Loy WaidHavre (A)10 State A
26.72Ashton LewisStevensville (A)10 State A
26.77Matayah YellowmuleHardin (A)MHSA State Track Class A and C
26.90Madalen ShipmanBeaverhead County/Dillon (A)10 State A
26.97Jessalyn ChvilicekHavre (A)11 Gallatin Valley Invitational
27.04Faith RebichFrenchtown (A)11 Frenchtown Quad
27.06Kaitlyn KeithleySidney (A)12 Jock Stop Invitational
27.10Rileigh McGreeButte Central (A)Western Top 10 Meet
27.17Bella PachecoBelgrade (A)10  John Tomich Invitational