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Deep List

Cutoff for B3200M is: 10:15
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
9:04.56Ben PerrinSea Level Times ()11 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
9:08.38Ben PerrinFlathead (AA)11 State AA
9:10.34Duncan HamiltonSea Level Times ()12 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
9:15.02Isaac SchmidtSea Level Times ()12 Arcadia Invitational (CA)
9:16.98Duncan HamiltonBozeman (AA)12 State AA
9:19.71Isaac SchmidtMissoula Hellgate (AA)12 State AA
9:27.54Levi TaylorLaurel (A)11 Jockstop Twilight Invitational
9:32.89Cooper WestGreat Falls CMR (AA)12 State AA
9:37.76Teagan OlsonGreat Falls (AA)12 State AA
9:38.87Ian CurtisMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 State AA
9:39.62Dylan HumbergerBozeman (AA)12 State AA
9:45.24Braden StremchaGreat Falls CMR (AA)12 Swede Dahlberg Invitational
9:52.16Simon HillGlacier (AA)10 Western Top 10 Meet
9:55.48Anders WattCorvallis (A)12 MCPS Invite
9:55.54Leonard McComasBozeman (AA)12 Skor Dekam Inv
9:55.59Grant MartinCorvallis (A)12 MCPS Invite
9:57.94Noah MajerusFergus/Lewistown (A)12 Jockstop Twilight Invitational
9:59.21Sam FulbrightFergus/Lewistown (A)10 Jockstop Twilight Invitational
9:59.50Ase AckermanDawson County/Glendive (A)12 Eastern A Divisional
9:59.93Lukas HorejsiMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 Western AA Divisional
10:00.04Aren Alexander-BatteeGlacier (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
10:00.28Dax SummersMissoula Hellgate (AA)10 Western AA Divisional
10:00.29Sean StinefordMissoula Big Sky (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
10:00.86Zak MeekerManhattan (B)11 State B
10:00.94Otto MacDonaldMissoula Sentinel (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
10:03.75Ellis McKeanGlasgow (B)11 State B
10:03.95Elijah BoydGlacier (AA)12 Glacier Cinco
10:04.31Gordon GentryGreat Falls CMR (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
10:05.31Jesse McMurtreyHelena Capital (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
10:06.14Riley SchottManhattan Christian (C)Midland Roundtable Top 10
10:06.56Wilson OverbyGlasgow (B)10 State B
10:07.30Trajan HillHardin (A)11 Eastern A Divisional
10:07.57Casey BloomerBozeman (AA)11 Midland Roundtable Top 10
10:08.35John Calvin QuindryMissoula Sentinel (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
10:08.91Gus DinesRoberts (C)12 State C
10:11.17Matt WilsonHamilton (A)12 MCPS Invite
10:11.24Luke LutzFrenchtown (A)11 Western A Divisional
10:11.49Gabe KnudsenColumbia Falls (A)12 Archie Roe Invite
10:11.62Tyler SchmautzFrenchtown (A)10 Western A Divisional
10:13.24Keagan StroopBelt (C)12 State C
10:15.24Dane McCallaBillings Central (A)10 Eastern A Divisional
10:17.64Ben MorrisonManhattan Christian (C)10 Western C Divisional
10:18.70Will FlowersCorvallis (A)10 State A
10:19.54Wills DegrandpreCharlo (C)11 Western C Divisional