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Deep List

Cutoff for G100MH is: 16.8
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
14.47Morgan EvansGreat Falls (AA)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
14.81Elena CarterHelena Capital (AA)11 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.01Wrenzi WrzesinskiBaker (B)10 North/East Top 10
15.05Alexa ArthunManhattan (B)12 Bozeman Invitational
15.12Maysee WhitneyBillings Senior (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
15.12Rachael McGreeButte Central (A)12 MHSA State Meet Class A & C
15.25Tavy FindonBillings Senior (AA)10 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.38Kailee OliversonTwin Bridges (C)11 MHSA State Meet Class A & C
15.50Emily PizziniHelena (AA)10 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.54Ashley McElmurryMissoula Sentinel (AA)10 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.57Melissa MoreniHelena Capital (AA)MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.61Sophia StilesMalta (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.68Carly HergettArlee (C)12 MHSA State Meet Class A & C
15.74Marissa JamesFergus/Lewistown (A)11 Eastern A Divisional
15.81Abby DodgeButte (AA)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.82Kamden HilbornHelena (AA)11 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
15.84Tessa BurkeLoyola Sacred Heart (B)11 District 6B-13C
15.90Tia HallockScobey (C)11 State C
15.92Megan PendergastStevensville (A)11 Columbia Falls Invitational
16.04Jaley WyseDawson County/Glendive (A)11 Eastern A Divisional
16.05Claire GriffinBillings Senior (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
16.05Rayna LaaksoPark City (C)12 MHSA State Meet Class A & C
16.06Alysa HenryBelgrade (A)11 Eastern A Divisional
16.06Kailee StoppelBillings West (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
16.12Camie BarkerBozeman (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
16.12Brynn McChesneyGlacier (AA)12 State AA
16.13Logan HuebschHavre (A)11 North/East Top 10
16.21Maggie KleinhansBozeman (AA)Bozeman-Butte Dual
16.24Casey EhmannDarby (C)10 Western C Divisional
16.26Naiya BeaudinValley Christian (C)10 Western C Divisional
16.30Ireland CoyneHavre (A)11 Eastern A Divisional
16.32Desiree ScottBridger (C)10 6C Districts
16.33Sara AndersonBelt (C)12 Cascade Top 10 Meet
16.34Caitlin CarmodyButte (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
16.36Trinity LewandowskiColstrip (B)11 Southern B Divisional
16.39Kaitlyn CasazzaColumbia Falls (A)12 Polson ABC Invitational
16.41Faith Sullivan-BrennanGlacier (AA)Columbia Falls-Glacier Dual
16.41Aria JohnsonFairfield (B)10 State B
16.53Madison GardnerBigfork (B)11 State B
16.57Allix GoldhahnFairfield (B)12 State B
16.65Selina AngelRoundup (B)11 State B
16.66Kaia SchrederBillings West (AA)Billings Freshman Meet
16.66Haven MossMissoula Big Sky (AA)Western AA Divisional
16.69Mayjia HorstBozeman (AA)Billings Freshman Meet
16.69Allie DelaneyCharlo (C)10 Western C Divisional