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Deep List

Cutoff for B400M is: 52.0
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
47.52Zander MozerHelena (AA)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
48.65Simon PetschBillings West (AA)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
49.66Micah AnsBillings Senior (AA)11 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
49.68Dawson LaRanceBillings Senior (AA)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
49.90Jacob GrinwisBelgrade (A)12 Senior Meet
49.97Cade JohnstoneForsyth (B)11 Midland Roundtable Top Ten
50.20Tyler CombsGlacier (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
50.21Trace JonesSidney (A)12 Jock Stop Meet
50.22Micah BucyFlathead (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
50.39Mark EstesDrummond (C)11 MHSA State Meet Class A & C
50.53Drew TurnerGlacier (AA)11 Flathead-Glacier Dual
50.65Wade LulyShelby (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
50.70Jake JessopCorvallis (A)11 Western A Divisional
50.75Scout WillcutGlacier (AA)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
50.80Matthew RensvoldPolson (A)12 Western A Divisional
50.87Bryar LangeSavage (C)12 District 2C (HS)
50.95Owen LepperWolf Point (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
51.02Dylan CervelliBeaverhead County/Dillon (A)10 Western A Divisional
51.03Kameron RauserBroadwater/Townsend (B)10 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
51.12Dawson RinehartFlathead (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
51.21Damon AdamsHarlem (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
51.30Jethro ThorneFlorence-Carlton (B)11 Western B-C Divisional
51.39Milo CarpenterBillings West (AA)10 Eastern AA Divisional
51.42Korben CossinsBozeman (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
51.42Colin MarksPark/Livingston (A)11 Eastern A Divisional
51.49Paul JohnstoneForsyth (B)11 John Polich Invitational
51.53Bruce ThomasCorvallis (A)12 MHSA State Meet Class A & C
51.54Tyler GurchiekBillings West (AA)12 Swede Dahlberg Invitational
51.55Brock SmithBillings West (AA)10 Eastern AA Divisional
51.55Ryan MockBillings West (AA)12 Billings City Meet
51.65Benji PhillipsGlasgow (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
51.76Matt FarrierBigfork (B)12 Western B-C Divisional
51.76Ray TrudeauHelena (AA)11 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
51.78Chandler AllenFairfield (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
51.80Lucas GibbBillings West (AA)10 Billings City Meet
51.90Tyler PuddyMissoula Sentinel (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
51.91Noah SmithBroadwater/Townsend (B)12 District 5B Meet
51.92Justen HenkeShelby (B)12 District 1-B
51.93Tyler CoteWhitefish (A)12 Western A Divisional
51.94Elijah BoydGlacier (AA)11 Columbia Falls-Glacier Dual
51.97Iain AndersonHelena (AA)12 CMR/Helena/Belgrade
52.00Logan NelsonLibby (B)12 MHSA State Meet Class AA & B
52.50Eddie HarmonTurner (C)11 State C
52.97Trey HendersonBox Elder (C) 9C Districts
52.98Ryan ZentnerBridger (C)12 State C
52.99Martin FarverScobey (C) State C